Backyard Broadcasting Chooses SDS

Toronto, Ontario – April 4, 2011 – Specialty Data Systems (SDS) Inc., a leading North American provider of broadcast management software based in Toronto, has announced that broadcaster Backyard Broadcasting, LLC of Jacksonville, Florida has chosen the SDS unified technology solution for its 28 radio stations, based in six U.S. markets. 

All 28 stations – located in Corning-Elmira and Olean, New York, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Muncie, Indiana, Jackson, Missississippi and Sioux Falls, South Dakota – have installed SDS’s flagship broadcast management software, SDS Symphony, in order to unify their operations across the miles, increase efficiency and avoid duplication, according to the broadcaster. The software integrates all of the stations’ information, across all departments, in real time. 

“The SDS system eliminates the information silos that are so prevalent in radio,” said Robin Smith, Vice President and CFO of Backyard Broadcasting, explaining that the company previously had separate databases for each of its stations. “Now, with SDS, all our stations are in a common database which enables simple and efficient enterprise reporting, rapid process improvement and streamlined administration across the entire company,” she said. 

“What attracted us to SDS was their unified approach to broadcasting management software. From an initial proposal submission to a final invoice, we have it all consolidated with SDS, but also have the flexibility to retain traffic functions in each market,” Smith explained. “SDS is a long-time, privately-owned company that very much resembles our own, so cultural fit played a large role in our partnering decision.”  

SDS Symphony provides broadcasters with the ability to instantaneously share information between stations and across departments – from sales, traffic and programming to operations and accounting – eliminating the need for data re-entry and cross-verification. Users access information online in real time and data is filtered and formatted to meet specific needs. The system eases programming of airtime, booking orders, scheduling promos, enforcing credit rules, and producing sales and commission reports.

“Our technology solution consolidates and centralizes data so that information is always up-to-date and broadcasters have better clarity and control of all aspects of their business,” said Dave Cole, President of SDS, explaining that the result is a more efficient and streamlined operation. “The technology’s two-way flow of data allows for faster implementation, and reduces redundancies and costs, enabling the system to grow and adapt as broadcasters grow and the market evolves.” 

Listed as one of the top 30 broadcasting companies in America, Backyard Broadcasting owns a portfolio of radio stations primarily in medium-sized markets. Using state-of-the-art, digital broadcasting equipment to maximize signal strengths and quality of each station’s sound, the broadcaster offers diverse, heritage programming in each of the six markets it serves, from Hit Radio to Country, to Adult Album Alternative (AAA) and News/Talk/Sports.  

SDS, established in 1993, is a leading North American provider of broadcast management software, specializing in the development of a proven, unified approach to broadcast sales, traffic, programming, operations and accounting. A mid-sized company with more than 250 television and radio station clients representing a billion dollars in advertising revenues, SDS is independent of broadcaster ownership and remains an agile and customer-focused company.

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