Our Team

Our team of professionals at Specialty Data Systems Inc. possess the talent and experience necessary to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers.

From the first initial meeting, to installation and support, we work with you to ensure that our SDS Symphony system can seamlessly work with your current operations. You can count on our team to be there for you.

Dave Cole, President

Since the 1970’s, Dave has been developing innovative solutions for broadcasting companies. With a background in advertising sales, Dave has held sales and senior management positions at radio stations, televisions stations, cable television networks, and rep firms. Dave also has a strong software development background and insightful understanding of new technologies.  These skills enabled Dave to found Specialty Data Systems Inc in 1993. Today, SDS software empowers broadcasters at hundreds of television and radio stations throughout North America with total combined revenues over billion dollars annually.

To book a demonstration appointment, please feel free to email Dave directly.

Jim Anderson, COO

Prior to joining Specialty Data Systems Inc., Jim was Manager and Systems Administrator for the Toronto-based company Corus Entertainment (previously Power Broadcasting). Jim responsibilities included managing the traffic operations and information technology needs of a range of radio and television stations in Ontario.

Now a member of Specialty Data Systems Inc., Jim looks forward to working with you to determine your needs and find the best technology solutions, while also guaranteeing you the best in customer service.

To book a demonstration appointment, please email Jim today.

Sarah Smithies, V. P. Client Services

Sarah, who holds a BA with a Specialized Honours in Political Science from the University of Toronto and an MA in Communications and Culture, came to SDS with a strong background in Broadcast Sales.

Since joining SDS in 2002, Sarah held positions in Administration and Client Support, before becoming Project Director in 2005.

In an ever-evolving Broadcast environment, Sarah consistently strives to deliver innovative solutions to address new requirements.


Book a Demonstration

At Specialty Data Systems Inc., we know you are busy and we would like to offer to demonstrate our Get Unified solutions to your entire team at your location. We can show you first hand just how comprehensive and valuable our Get Unified package can be for your organization’s needs.

To book a demonstration appointment, please email sales@sds.ca