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We understand that the management of business is a crucial component to success and there’s little time for learning something new. Get a real-time picture of your Accounts Receivable whenever you want. SDS AR’s simple to use and powerful features allow you to quickly manage, research and generate reports.

  • Multi-network capable
  • Dynamic taxes
  • Multiple invoice printing options
  • User defined report
  • Ability to make checks network/station specific
  • Multi-network/station or single network/ station statements
  • Multi-layer security

  •  Ability for sales reps to view outstanding receivables
  • Define a finely tuned sales incentive structure,using multiple sales commissions, based on budgets, targets, pools, type of business and date ranges with the ability to “reverse” commissions if payment is not received
  • Calculate and report on Sales Commissions for AE(s), AE(s) pools, and sales offices as defined for each AE and display the amount of commissions earned
  • Ability for Sales AE(s) to request adjustments and write-offs electronically


Through the seamless integration of SDS’ Accounts Receivable system into the Traffic Software, we are able to monitor our client’s credit standing on a company-wide basis with minimal steps. This amalgamation drastically minimizes check and balance procedures and has measurably improved our individual station collections and bad debt. Cam Cowie
Vice President & COO
Harvard Broadcasting

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