SDS Adds 49 Canadian Radio Stations to its Growing Customer Base

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SDS Adds 49 Canadian Radio Stations to its Growing Broadcast Management Customer Base

Toronto, Ontario – April 18, 2013 – Specialty Data Systems (SDS) Inc., a leading North American provider of innovative broadcast management software, continues to extend its market reach in Canada with the announcement of four new broadcasting accounts totaling 49 radio stations.

“After focusing our growth strategy in Canada for much of 2012, we’re pleased to announce that our efforts have paid off,” said Dave Cole, president of Toronto, Ont.-based SDS, adding that the company is on target to increase its installed base to more than 500 radio and television stations across North America by fourth quarter 2014.

The new accounts include: Acadia Broadcasting Ltd. (10 stations), based in Saint John, N.B.; Harvard Broadcasting (11 stations), based in Calgary, Alta; Maritime Broadcasting System (24 stations), based in Halifax, N.S.; and Fabmar Communications Ltd. (4 stations), based in Melfort, Sask. All four selected the company’s flagship product, SDS Symphony, for its unique ability to unify disparate business systems, allowing broadcasters to work better and faster. They will also benefit from a newly-launched Customer Relationship Management (CRM) component of the SDS system, called SDS CRM, which delivers a consolidated view of critical reports and performance indicators across an entire organization, including support for mobile devices and smart phones.

“Choosing SDS Symphony and SDS CRM has enabled us to streamline our operations,” said Jim MacMullin, Vice-President of Acadia Broadcasting. “Before, we had three separate systems that didn’t talk to each other – Sales, Traffic and Corporate Reporting – and our reporting was entirely manual. Now, we have one unified, automated process for accessing the critical information we need to run our business and anticipate the addition of SDS CRM to take it to the next level.”

With SDS, we’re working smarter, not harder,” said Ken Singer, Vice-President, Broadcast Operations at Fabmar Communications. “Previously, our sales reps in three markets spent a great deal of time handling paper orders that were handled again by our traffic managers creating a lot of unnecessary processing time. Thanks to the remote capabilities of SDS, that’s no longer the case.”

Equipped with a common database to integrate sales, traffic, programming, finance and operations data, SDS Symphony gives broadcasters the ability to instantaneously share information between stations and across departments, regardless of location. Its automated approach eliminates the need for re-entry and cross-verification of data, and formats information according to specific user needs, whether they’re programming airtime, booking orders, scheduling promos or producing sales and commission reports.

New in 2013 and included as part of SDS Symphony at no additional cost, the SDS CRM component takes account management to the next level by supplying continuously updating alerts and reports on everything from revenue, accounts receivable, inventory and pacing, to budget, key performance indications and sales projections. Features include a dashboard of key operational data with drill-down reports; automatic notification whenever pre-determined conditions are met, such as missing copy or past-due receivables; client summaries; and, customizable reports.

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