SDS Creative

Streamline the commercial production workflow with all departments.
SDS Creative = Clarity

SDS Creative tracks progress every step of the way. Deadlines are flagged and tasks are managed for everyone involved in the process: writers, producers, talent, traffic, sales, and management. SDS Creative is tightly interwoven with other components of SDS Symphony, including SDS Sales and SDS Traffic to enhance and automate workflow. It is not a 3rd party standalone system reliant on interfaces, re-keying, and continual synching to keep the system up to date.

Our feature rich script writer allows you to create great looking scripts that are easy for your client and talent to understand.

Creative is finally organized. No filing cabinets or network folders full of ancient scripts. SDS Creative stores every revision of the script as well as the final creative.

SDS Creative = Control

Everyone is accountable, is in the loop, and has quick access to reports showing all projects and where they are in the process. Open the contract, look at all existing creative for the client, select the new creative, add your instructions and traffic is notified immediately of your change request.

It’s not just new copy that is tracked with SDS Creative. Revisions and Spec Spots are managed with ease. Need to revise existing creative on air? With SDS Creative, it’s easy.

Your entire enterprise can be controlled over multiple stations and markets. SDS Creative is accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

SDS Creative = Results

Save money by catching copy errors before they hit the air. Ensure that your creative is ready to go when scheduled! Make your life easier; - spend less time worrying about creative and more time on servicing clients.

SDS Creative is an integral component of SDS Symphony. And, as with all components of SDS Symphony there is no additional monthly cost!

  • Script editor with rich text formatting, spellcheck and word count
  • Enables creative and talent to be easily shared amongst all stations & markets
  • Manage the assignment of production tasks
  • Fast copy approval process via automatic electronic routing
  • Track and manage creative from spec to air.
  • Customizable multi-layer security that enables and restricts who can do what
  • Complete integration of the production department with traffic, sales and management
  • Customizable creative production dashboard
  • Automatic email status notifications
  • Digital media database provides the ability to play any piece of creative
  • Search, view and monitor the creative process for any piece of creative

SDS has proven to be an effective task management tool for our Radio Copywriters and Producers. Our network spans several provinces and dozens of stations, with hundreds of orders coming in weekly. SDS seamlessly integrates our creative work with sales orders to provide easy track ability and day-to-day project management. As well, SDS Support is exemplary - responding quickly to the few issues we've encountered during our transition to this software. Mike Broesky
Radio & Online Creative Dept. Manager
Golden West

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