Unified CRM for Broadcasters. SDS CRM takes Sales and Revenue Management to the next level.

Unlike stand alone Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that are fragmented and inefficient, SDS CRM unifies real-time information across all departments to equip your team with the most accurate and relevant information possible. SDS CRM provides continuously updating alerts and reports on: Revenue, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Pacing to Budget, Key Performance Indicators, Sales Pipeline, Projections and more.

SDS CRM allows your team to concentrate on what matters most; growing your business and managing revenue.

Sales Managers

SDS CRM provides the utility to coach AE(s) on accountability, maintain their connections with clients, and keep things moving forward through complex sales cycles.

Account Executives

SDS CRM provides customer information at a glance: Revenue, Pacing to Budget, Accounts Receivable, Inventory/Sellout, Bumped or Missed spots, contract expirations and more. AE(s) can connect with their contacts more effectively throughout the relationship, from a lead to an active account. 

Empower your reps to make the most out of every sales opportunity with SDS CRM. Real-time customer information right in the palm of your AE(s) hands. Equip your managers with right-now information to make better decisions, increase sales, manage inventory and maximize revenue.

Real-Time Results that will Save you Time and Money

CRM Dashboard

Provides a customizable overview of your operation with a monthly summary grid and one-click drill down into detailed reports and charts for:

  • Budget
  • Revenue
  • Pacing
  • Inventory
  • Commissions
  • Aging Receivables
  • Sales Funnel
  • Pre-emptions

CRM’s permission-based security assures total control of the information available to users from all SDS components: SDS Traffic, SDS Sales, SDS AR and SDS Reports.  Account Executives see only their information. Sales Managers see all stations for which they have rights. Upper management sees information enterprise wide.

CRM Account Brief

Customizable setup for the information AE(s) need during a call, such as: 

  • Current AR
  • Details of Last Payment
  • Available Credit
  • Credit Limit
  • Active Orders
  • Pending Orders
  • Order History
  • Personal information about client (spouse, children, clubs, birthdays, contact information, etc.)
  • Contact Activity Log
  • Revenue Projection Accounts
  • Printable Account Brief to take on a call
  • Mobile version of Account Brief
CRM Alerts

Account Executives can tell the system to send an email alert to their phones whenever certain conditions are met. For example: missing copy, expiring contracts, past due receivables and more can generate an email alert. This is a customizable function within SDS CRM to automatically notify AE(s) of a potential problem before it becomes a big one.

CRM Push Reports

Set up SDS CRM to create a set of your favorite reports every day, automatically at the time you set, customized the way you want them, and sent to you via email to your PC or mobile device.

For more information on how you can get unified, contact us today.