SDS Sales

Save Time. Make More Money with SDS Sales.

Sure, your sales people are already generating proposals and presenting to buyers for approval. When the buyer says “go”, that proposal is hand-entered as a Sales Order and submitted to Sales and Finance Managers for approval. Then, finally, that order is submitted to the Traffic Manager for data entry into the Traffic system. In our view, this is a redundant and inefficient way to do business.

SDS Sales streamlines this entire process to save you time and make more sales. How? With custom email presentations, electronic Buyer and Management approvals, and a formal broadcast contract emailed in minutes.

Best of all, your reps can create a custom pitch from anywhere with live avails, based on real- time sellout levels, and audience data from ratings service companies like Nielsen Audio, Numeris, Eastlan and Nielsen (TV). After all, time is money. Make more of it with SDS Sales

The streamlined approach of SDS Sales is further refined with the launch of SDS CRM. Unlike stand alone Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that are fragmented and inefficient, SDS CRM is designed to work with SDS Sales to put  right-now customer information right in the palm of your AE’s hands. Maximize every sales opportunity by having the most accurate and relevant information possible. SDS CRM provides easy access to Revenue, Sales Pipeline, Accounts Receivable, Projections, Pacing to Budget, and more.

Clarity Enables Better Control which Yields Better Results

  • Automatically build Proposals in seconds (based on accurate live avails)
  • Fast sales approval process via electronic routing
  • Unlimited number of television and radio stations in a single presentation
  • Include airtime and non-airtime buys (internet) on the same proposal or booking
  • Email proposals and bookings easily to Advertisers and Agencies

  • Combine different length spots,billboards, sponsorships, radio, television, internet, and production costs – all on one buy
  • Easily switch between stations and demos
  • Enter Campaign Targets then build proposal to meet targets
  • Track your station’s share of a buy in the market
  • Fast and easy post analysis
  • International Language Support for outputs
  • Export to MS Word, Excel, Windows clipboard for multi-document presentations

For more information on how you can get unified, contact us today.