Our software is a direct reflection of our partner’s needs. The Broadcasting world of five years ago is not the world we have today. SDS understands. Our partners, as you can see, understand that as well.

Blackburn Radio Inc.
Walter Ploegman, Director of Operations

“We love SDS Symphony! It is so much more than a traffic system! It is a CRM system, a Sales Proposal system, a Creative system, and more. A lot of things that you would need to buy from multiple vendors with other Traffic systems. With SDS Symphony, all these components are included, beautifully orchestrated to work together. With SDS Symphony you get so much more for the price you would pay just for a competing Traffic system. SDS is a far better value!”

Ohana Media Group
Trila Bumstead, President

“The most important consideration of any investment I make is the potential ROI and SDS Symphony, easily and decisively, delivers the best return on investment. SDS Symphony replaces up to 5 separate systems by incorporating Traffic, Sales, A/R, CRM, and Creative into one efficient solution. Working with one vendor not only cuts operating costs, it eliminates multiple terms and contracts, it also allows for a meaningful partnership with one vendor who truly understands our overall operation.

My staff are my most valuable asset and SDS Symphony supports them by simplifying workflows, seamlessly integrating departments, and empowering everyone to work faster and smarter. One of the greatest challenges with most CRM systems is that they waste time by requiring duplicate data entry. With SDS Symphony, CRM is built-in, so projections, revenue, and receivables are always available real time. No more duplicate data-entry, which means AEs can focus all their attention on their most important job: selling!

Pamal Broadcasting LTD.
Robert Furlong, Executive Vice President

SDS Symphony is more than a Traffic system; it is a management tool that leverages every staff resource for maximum performance. With SDS Symphony, managing multiple markets is easy thanks to comprehensive, customized reporting that delivers the data I need to make critical management decisions.

Since we began using SDS Symphony in 2009, SDS has consistently delivered on its promise to simplify processes and enhance efficiency. Moreover, SDS’s suite of tools keeps apace with the ever-evolving priorities of the broadcast industry, regularly adding new apps and features. For instance, SDS recently added an option for mobile sales and finance approvals, so that revenue gets on the books even faster.

The success of our longstanding relationship with SDS is due to their robust management tools, their responsive client support, and their continued attention to our needs.

Results Radio
Jack Fritz, President / CEO

SDS Symphony distinguishes itself from other broadcast management tools in both value and efficiency by including Traffic, Sales, Creative, AR, and CRM in one complete, dynamic solution.

What I appreciate most about SDS is their commitment to client service through on-demand training for new hires and their approach to providing personalized on-line and telephone support. SDS takes the time to understand the details of our operation, making recommendations about how we can simplify operations and harness even more out of our team.

Over the years, SDS has been responsive to our requests, delivering report enhancements, integrating Nielsen ratings, and improving security to enable greater operational control.

I look forward to a continued partnership with SDS.

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