SDS Reports

Knowledge is Power with SDS Reports

SDS Reports powerful reporting engine equips your managers with real-time enterprise-wide data to make informed decisions, increase sales, manage inventory and maximize revenue. Custom reports are created and saved with specific filters, grouping and sorting capabilities. Generated reports are viewed on screen or printed, and can be easily exported to Excel, RTF, HTML and PDF. SDS Reports can be saved as ‘Public’ and viewed by all users, or marked as ‘Private’ and viewed by a select few to ensure that this powerful information gets into the right hands at the right time.

  • Calendar Format—Broadcast, Calendar, Stub Period or Blended
  • Reporting periods include Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, YTD
  • Gross and/or Net of Agency
  • Total Units
  • Budget by Rep or by Office
  • Weekly Activity
  • Year to Year Comparisons
  • Average Unit Rate and/or Average Minute Rate
  • Advertiser, Agency, Office and more
  • Sorting available for all fields

Set up specific corporate targets. IE: The number of hours of children’s programming per year that you want the Programming Department to achieve.

  • Frequency—All, Yearly, Monthly, Weekly or Daily
  • Customize your level of detail for creating your Reports:
  • Summary—Displays Totals only for Condition(s) based on the selected time period of the Report
  • Daily—Daily Totals for the Conditions based on the selected time period of the Report
  • Program—The highest level of detail displaying the Program/Episodes  for each Condition based on the selected time period of the Report
Multiple Reports

What’s in the Report?

  • Amount of Commitment
  • Time Period
  • Total Hours in Time Period Report Range
  • Total Hours in Report Range

Forecasting: Predict performance based on a combination of aired logs and future, scheduled programming


Customize your level of detail for creating your Reports:

  • Summary—Reports on avails for particular program or rotation and skim information
  • Detail: Avails for particular program with details on which days of the week Spots are booked for, as well as details for individual days
  • Contract Listing—Report of all contracts booked to a particular program, or rotation including issue date of line
  • Report on certain Spot types (ie: Billboards)
  • Customize the avails length to be reported on (ie: 15, 30 or 60 seconds)
  • Report on multiple stations

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