SDS Traffic

Empower your traffic manager

SDS Traffic unifies operations into one paperless system which includes Programming, Order Entry, Log Edit, Copy, and Invoicing. Seamlessly share information between Traffic, Sales and Management teams.

By example, Contract Revisions, Avails and Preemptions made by Traffic are sent to SDS Sales or to a mobile device, where AE(s) can negotiate with agencies and advertisers in real-time. Similarly, revisions from AE(s) flow back in the same manner for Management approval, and then onto Traffic for final approval and Log scheduling.

Traffic Managers are empowered with SDS Traffic to break away from paper heavy and cumbersome processes. For example, Break formats or “clocks” can be modified in seconds to accommodate last minute format changes for sports programming, rain delays or unique holiday formats. Fine tuning of the daily log is done with an intuitive click and drag functionality and then sent to various Master Control and Automation systems for airing which includes Electronic Log Reconciliation (Play list vs. As-run).

SDS Traffic completes the cycle with SDS AR and interfaces to General Ledger (GL) financial software such as ACCPAC, Platinum and Microsoft Great Plains.

  • Program changes automatically filter down through system to log editing
  • Unlimited number of television and radio stations or networks
  • Centralized management of advertisers, agencies, and sales reps
  • Frame Accurate Automation Interfaces
  • Dynamic Security Copy
  • Media Management:
    • Alpha-Numeric or Numeric numbering
    • Specific network assignment
    • Electronic Dub and Purge list
  • Spot level product code assignment
  • Multiple modes of assigning copy
  • Designed to prevent errors in assignment
  • Electronic As-Run Reconciliation
  • Contracts and Program Inventory updated in real-time
Log Editing
  • Frame accurate
  • Drag & drop functionality
  • Create an unlimited number of alternate logs
  • Open logs in any order
  • View a single program or an entire log
  • Modify same day log
  • Customizable log printouts
  • Dynamic Taxes
  • End of contract billing
  • Multiple invoice printing options
  • International Language Support for Contracts/Invoices
  • Send contracts and invoices electronically
  • Multi or Single network/station statements
  • Define and report on Sales Commissions for reps, pools, and sales offices
  • Contracts and invoices are never purged
  • Export to third party accounting systems
  • Electronic Invoicing (EI) comes standard (DDS, Spotdata)

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